Brass Oil Lamps

Brass Oil Lamps

Also known as Brass Diyas, the Brass Oil Lamps are considered as spiritual items and a symbol of prosperity and tradition in the Indian culture. Light up the home with this artistically designed, Brass Oil Lamps. Made of the finest brass, the Brass Oil Lamps have an antique finish. The exquisite beauty of metal crafting is displayed by our selection of Brass Oil Lamps. The engravings on Brass Oil Lamps display ethnic designs, floral patterns, hunting scenes and many others as per the requirements of clients.

  • Item Code : AA712

    Desc : Hanging Candle Stand with bell

    Size (Inch) : 8.5

  • Item Code : AA1134

    Desc : Pillar Candle Stand

    Size (Inch) : 5.5

  • Item Code : AA1136

    Desc : Oil lamp with Bird

    Size (Inch) : 5

  • Item Code : AA1155

    Desc : Deepak 'Diya'

    Size (Inch) : 2

  • Item Code : AA1584

    Desc : Hanging oil Lamp

    Size (Inch) : 12

  • Item Code : AA1837

    Desc : Spoon ' Aarti Chamach'

    Size (Inch) : 11

  • Item Code : AA1859

    Desc : Oil lamp Stand

    Size (Inch) : 29

  • Item Code : AA1860

    Desc : Deepak Stand with Bird

    Size (Inch) : 42